Best Diving Spots – Where’s Your Favorite Dive Spot?

Best Diving Spots Best Diving Spots   Wheres Your Favorite Dive Spot?

Best Diving Spots

For many trying to determine the best diving spots for an underwater packed vacation may include a stay at a well-known dive resort or perhaps on a liveaboard taking in many diving spots during your holiday. Dive spots around the world attract divers for various reasons. The unique aquatic landscape with all of the various life forms and myriad of colors along with the unparalleled beauty of the diverse sea floor lures individuals time and time again. Ask ten different divers about their best diving spots and you will get ten different answers.

We can help you find the perfect scuba diving holiday in some of the world’s most exciting dive destinations. Unlike many other websites, we have access to individuals whom have dived all around the world so we can give you impartial advice on where some of the best diving spots are located. Each destination is subject to its own climatic influences and as such is important to familiarize yourself with the area as well as the most opportune time to plan your adventure. In addition, some locations are more suited for the advanced diver so inexperienced or those just learning to dive should do their homework prior to venturing out in search of their best diving spots.

Best Diving Spots Tropical Underwater Adventures Best Diving Spots   Wheres Your Favorite Dive Spot?

Best Diving Spots - Tropical Underwater Adventures

Take your time and browse through our pages of best diving spots to find a perfect resort, dive trip or liveaboard safari. Check back with us frequently to see if we’ve added any additional spectacular scuba vacations to places like: Fiji, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia, Cozumel, Belize… or some other spot.

Don’t waste your precious time scouring through dozens of websites when we’ve already done all the research work for you. We have extensive knowledge as well as the inside scoop on all types dive vacations you won’t want to overlook. Bookmark our easy-to-use website for future reference as well before choosing your next scuba diving travel adventure now …

Best Diving Spots – Choosing Your Dive Spots

Whether you’re looking for a luxurious all inclusive liveaboard charter or a tucked away unique dive resort for one of your next best diving spots, we are here to help you navigate your journey. So if you are confused from all of the choices, let our information provide you the difference of having a great time instead of having a miserable one. After all, some of the world’s best diving spots are just waiting to show you a good adventure.

Best Diving Spots Liveaboards Best Diving Spots   Wheres Your Favorite Dive Spot?

Best Diving Spots - Liveaboards

One of the best diving spots vacations is to relax and cruise the ocean on a live aboard to many of the world’s top dive locations including the Great Barrier Reef, the Galapagos Islands or along the Florida Keys. Or perhaps you would like to find another of your best diving spots among one of the many dive resorts scattered across the globe like those in Tahiti, Bali or Fiji offering several day trip diving experiences. Of course if diving among large sharks is what really gets your adrenaline pumping, then the islands of French Polynesia (Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora) and its magnificent reefs where the Polynesians refer to as the shark’s kingdom  is yours for the thrill of it all. Then again if you are just along for the vacation, these islands offer some of the most beautiful waterfalls and tropical locations to visually enjoy besides some of the best diving spots in the region.

As such it is important to plan your vacation so that both divers and non-divers alike have something to enjoy. So kick back and dive into our site to plan your next best diving spots’ adventure…

Best Diving Spots Worldwide

Since our world is covered 70% by water, it is no wonder that so many different locations are considered to be one of the best diving spots on the planet. Because of this fact we are going to cover the world by region bringing you what divers from all over the world feel are the best diving spots along with other information as it relates to the recreational sport of diving.

Best Diving Spots Underwater Scuba Diving Best Diving Spots   Wheres Your Favorite Dive Spot?

Best Diving Spots - Underwater Scuba Diving


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